Latest COVID Updates

St. Margaret Church and St. Mary Magdelen Mission

COVID Guidelines

Updated 1/12/2022

The parish office will be closed from Monday, January 10 through Monday, January 17 to all staff and the public.  It will reopen on Tuesday, January 18 at 9:00am to staff, but will be closed to visitors until further notice.

Parish staff will be working from home during this time.  If you need to contact a staff member, please do so through their email. (view our staff listing if you need contact information)  Do not leave a message in the general mailbox as it will not be picked up until staff is back in the office.

Casseroles and non-perishable food items are still being collected outside of the parish office door. Please place casseroles in the cooler and food items in the bin. Items will be brought in daily.

The health and safety of our staff and parishioners is of the utmost importance at this time, and we continue to try to be proactive in the spread of this virus.

The parish weekly bulletin will only be available ONLINE the weekend of January 15/16, 2022.  You can access the bulletins via the FATA website:

Everyone please stay safe and take care of each other.
Peace and blessings,
Fr. Kevin

December 30, 2021

Dear friends,

Due to the major uptick in COVID cases, along with the increase in the positivity rate, the Archdiocese has updated their COVID guidelines.  Below are the measures we are implementing (or continuing) effective December 30, 2021:

  • All parish activities, except for Masses will be suspended through the entire month of January, with these exceptions:
    • Confessions – will continue – both priest and participant are required to wear face masks
    • Adoration – will resume on Monday, January 10 but will begin at 12 noon until the 7:00 pm Novena and is moved to the church to allow for more social distancing
    • Faith formation will follow school guidelines
  • Parish office remains closed to the public. Please call the office for assistance.
  • Everyone is STRONGLY encouraged to wear face masks while in attendance at Masses. Until the county or state mandates the wearing of masks indoors, we can only STRONGLY encourage everyone to do so.  This doesn’t only protect you, it protects your fellow parishioners
  • Social distancing measures have been reinstituted on the sides of church and mission
  • All Liturgical ministers and clergy are required to wear face masks during Masses in which they are serving, for the entire Mass, except when speaking (lectors, deacons & priests). This includes altar servers, sacristans, Eucharistic ministers, lectors, ushers, and security.
  • The choir has been suspended for the month of January
  • Michael’s talk, scheduled for Wednesday, January 5 has been postponed

If you are sick with any symptoms, please do not come to Mass.  We must do everything we can to protect each other so that we can remain healthy.  WE WANT TO KEEP OUR CHURCH OPEN!   Please pray that this surge ends quickly and we can resume our normal parish activities.

Yours in Christ,  Fr. Kevin

A Message from Archbishop Lori – June 2, 2021

Most Reverend William E. Lori
Archbishop of Baltimore