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Recurring Event Toiletry Weekends

Toiletry Weekends

Parish Office 141 N. Hickory Ave, Bel Air

Scrub a dubdub, so everyone can clean up in the tub! The first weekend of each month, beginning in June.  The need is great!  Thank You!! shampoo deodorant body wash/soap toothpaste adult/children toothbrushes adult/children lotion shaving cream baby wash and lotion feminine hygiene products All of these items are not covered by SNAPS (Independence Cards, Food […]

Rosary Rally

St. Margaret Church

To honor Our Lady of Fatima’s request, Saint Margaret’s parishioners, the Legion of Mary, and others gather together regularly to pray the holy rosary to restore order, decency, and morality in the United States and the world. With the grace of God and Mary’s intercession, we can save our country through the Holy Rosary!  Please […]