Lay leadership

St. Margaret Church and St. Mary Magdalen Mission


The Pastoral Council is a consultative body sharing in responsibility for the pastoral care of the Parish in collaboration with the pastor and staff. The Pastoral Council consists of parishioners elected at large for three-year terms.

Richard Belmonte – 410-838-6329

Patrick Cullum – 443-643-7156

Jeff Deel – 410-487-1418

John Majeski – 443-876-9938

Robert Malloy – 446-398-4495

Kevin McNamara – 443-409-4186

Phil Moylan – 732-513-4607

Ellen Pfau – 410-245-3030

Diane Quantmeyer – 410-914-5103

Carl Scatton – 570-579-3876

Peter Schlehr – 410-838-9221

Jennifer Vido – 410-420-7675


Finance Committee reviews and provides oversight for the parish financial accounting and budget processes.  The committee meets five times a year.


Facilities Committee develops policies and procedures for the use of facilities at St. Margaret and St. Mary Magdalen. The committee plans and supervises building and renovation projects, and meets five times a year.   Contact Steve Hunter, 410-838-9029.


This ministry is comprised of parishioners in the law enforcement, military or emergency services fields.  Our mission is to create an alert and aware environment that may be able to prevent an emergency from occurring and to provide assistance until professional responders arrive, should one occur. Contact Betty Mooney, 410-838-6969, ext. 110.


In a parish, the lay corporators are of the corporate directors of the parish non-profit corporation established under Maryland law. Corporators oversee the actions of the parish from a high level.
Lay corporators can be attorneys, business people, IT people or other parishioners who are knowledgeable about the activities of the parish and understand how corporations are run. They should be parishioners. They cannot serve on the Parish Council and/or the Finance Council at the same time they are a corporator.


St. Margaret Parish is committed to providing our children and youth with safe environments characterized by healthy relationships. ALL volunteers at St. Margaret Parish must register with The Archdiocese has implemented an online training and screening system for those that volunteer in our parish community. ALL volunteers must be registered in the online compliance system in order for our parish to be in compliance with Archdiocesan youth protection requirements for volunteers, employees, minors and clergy.

If you are a volunteer at St. Margaret Parish, please contact Betty Mooney at for assistance.

Thank you for serving as a volunteer at St. Margaret Parish and for complying with the Archdiocese requirements.


Boy Scout Troop 564

Contact Darla Hoover  at 443-226-4399